22 November, 2010

Personal Fitness Trainer- New Delhi, India

Today an expat client referred me to another client and told this other client that, she had worked out with so many other personal fitness trainers all over the world but the results that she saw with Kiran Sawhney, in Delhi, she had never ever experienced or seen with anyone else. This is not the first time I am hearing this. And on this blog, I do not wish to blow my own trumpet. But, just tell you the secret, why and what I do with my clients that I makes them say so.

1. Dedication, Perseverance, Patience, Will Power, Motivation, Right attitude and approach to fitness- After attending few international fitness conferences with leading fitness instructors in the industry, I observed, evaluated and realized that these are very important both for the trainer and the client. A trainer's attitude will be reflected in the client's attitude too. The trainer can inculcate this in the client, firmly yet gently. This goes a long way in achieving the fitness goals.

2. Technique, postural correction, right breathing, right exercise- When I train aspiring fitness trainers, this is what I lay emphasis on. You see many gym trainers in the industry who do not have in depth knowledge about human body- Anatomy, Physiology, Kinseology, Body Sculpting. All they know is how to use a particular gym machine. Every individual is unique and requires to be dealt in a unique way so that he/she achieves the targets. You cannot make one do 100 abdominal crunches to get flat abs. In fact, that would be so wrong. You need to understand the client's body type.

3. Variations- Just as we cannot eat the same food every day, similarly we cannot exercise same muscle in the same manner every day. And this is where majority of trainers lack. They do not have in depth knowledge of different modules. They cannot provide enough variations or enough challenge. They should constantly upgrade their knowledge and be able to provide variety of workouts to their clients. E.g. Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, step aerobics, kickboxing, boot camp, weight training, calithenics, use variety of equipment- medicine ball, swiss ball, bosu, kettlebells, gym sticks etc etc. 

4. Diet counseling- Again this is an area where the trainers falter. Diet and exercise go hand in hand. Personal fitness trainers, if they are not qualified in the field of diet, then they should refer their client to a qualified dietician. People want a package these days. It is an added bonus if the trainer also has this knowledge and is able to form a diet plan for the client. I do this for my clients.

5. Last but not the least, human approach. Again this is not robotics. This is where, I score over other trainers in the industry. Giving a very human approach. Yes, I would never compromise on being a hardcore professional, but I am more than just a trainer to my clients. I am their guide, mentor, friend. Sometimes there are so many other things in life which hamper you to achieve your fitness goals. You may go to gym religiously. Yet, the lifestyle is stressed. You do not sleep properly. I do not leave such areas untouched. And this is how I follow a holistic approach to fitness.

That is why it is not just the body I am dealing with. There is a big connection of mind, body and soul. I deal with all.

Some of my clients have given me rave reviews here. Check them out. At the end of the day, this is my success.


  1. I wish you could be my trainer! ;)

  2. I totally agree with you. I must say that while hiring the personal trainer for fitness there are many such things that needs to keep in mind. The personal fitness trainer must contain atleast keen dedication, perseverance, patience, will power, motivation, right attitude as these are the straight forward approach to fitness. Thanks!