03 November, 2010

Same pinch again

Is Bollywood seeing my fashion blogs? Yes, that is an overly ambitious statement. But remember, I had first done a blog post here. And then on my Birthday here.
And here is the dress, I chose to wear on my Birthday.

Our very own Asin liked it so much that she is seen wearing the same here.

Yes, anyone wanting to hire me as their personal shopper or stylist? I think I am good at it.

And here is another one


  1. OOO..Mi ..Gosh!!!!Too cool. Mere to ban hi jaao aap personal shopper. Salary kitni loge?:)

  2. It is okay...let them copy you...

    Here is a story...

    One guy at work always copied my presentations...one day..I wrote something wrong....while presenting he was asked questions on that and he could not reply because it was wrong.

    So if you want them to stop..wear something that won't look good on them...but...do you really want to do that?

  3. Really good. Shall I tell you frankly. I liked your dress better than Asin's which is long flowing.:)
    Happy Diwali Kiran, Travel time for me. See you on Monday.

  4. oye..Is that second one a model? Woh Ranna Gil ke liye ramp walk kar rahi hogi:)Aapko le lena chahiye tha:)