23 November, 2010

What to eat at the weddings

Wedding season is in full swing. Most of you would be going out and eating on everyday basis. So how to control what you eat. What foods to eat in a typical Indian wedding and what to avoid.
This is what I, as personal fitness trainer, do and recommend.

Leave all the snacks untouched. Most of them are fried. Eat only a piece or two of grilled snacks like paneer tikka or grilled mushroom etc.

Have only a clear soup. Not the one made thick with cream or starch.

Main Course
Have a little salad (If you find it neat), a fruit chaat, smallest possible helping of veges (maybe a spoon or two).

Skip all the breads, rotis, rice, Biryani, Desserts (Big no no).

And enjoy looking fabulous. Dance. Burn some calories.

1 comment:

  1. In Bangladesh, they only serve (meat) biryani at weddings! So normally I eat something before I go since I know there won't be any vegetarian options.