01 December, 2010

Connect Yoga and Tango

I have been dancing all my life but when I discovered Argentine tango, I immediately got hooked. In addition to the connection, creativity, and community it provided, it also greatly influenced my personal philosophy. I see tango as a combination and refinement of completely natural elements already existing in each person; We walk, we are moved by music, and we communicate non-verbally. I am a strong believer that our bodies are one of our greatest treasures and that they most be treated healthfully. It is always important to include technique, body functionality and mind-body connection  with a little bit of a flare. Tango can be creative, passionate and exploitive. Connecting tango with Yoga, Pilates, meditation, Tai chi and relating it with my experience of human anatomy, Kinseology, I can understand it so well. In Tango, we place emphasis on breath, energy and posture to create connection in the dance. Tango, like all living things, is organically developing, changing and adapting to fit the needs of the Tango dancers in the place and time they inhabit.

What am I wearing

Top: Puma
Leggings: Somewhere from US
Sandals: My regular Tango practice sandals- Can you see, the white is becoming black with so much dragging etc.

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