04 December, 2010

Guruji's answers few questions

Q) If we are unsuccessful in what work we are doing, should we leave it or continue doing it?
Guruji: If work needs to succeed then you need high levels of Sattva in you for it to happen. And if you want to have high sattva in you in then you need to have a proper diet and do meditation and do satsangs.
Another thing you should have is high energies and enthusiasm. See a gambler, if he wins once, that's enough. He gets hooked on to it. He looses everything and yet continues in hope to win or regain what he has lost. Hope is important you need to have that too.
See, sometimes the result might not be immediate. Like when we fought for independence. The struggle went on for about 2 centuries!
The third parameter is to find out why you were unsuccessful. Understand what are your weakness. You went for an interview and gave irrelevant answers and were confused and didn't get the job. you didn't even give the interviewer confidence that you can manage it. So then find out where you are weak and increase you "yogyata" (skill/capabilities).
Every failure is an opportunity for you to grow. For you to learn. take it in your stride. You probably failed in your business because you never listened to your well wishers or didn;t hang on to the "good" company/friends/well-wishers.
Alone you cannot fight a system so we must learn to unite and stand together for work. Yogyata is antamukhi (inwards) but vyavastha is bahirmukhi (outwards).
Life is bigger than your marks and results in tests. So what if you are giving your B.Com or IAS for the 3rd or 4th time!! So many students commit suicide for such silly reasons. Ok - if this didn't happen - try a job/business. even that failed?? fine - become a politician! (and the whole VM burst out laughing) yea - even being a politician is better than committing suicide. I tell you - go to jail! even that is acceptable, At least there you will get food - you will find time to do kriya and meditation.
Don;t be scared of failure. So many people don;t recognize talent and what others cannot appreciate. Artists are one such example. While alive so many went unheard and unseen. But when they died suddenly people saw and heard then and wanted to felicitate them!
Kalyuga has power in numbers and that is what we should do - work together. So many rich and well known personalities today started off with nothing. Someone started by distributing papers on a bicycle and others with similar small odd jobs. You don't have that problem today. Just know you can - believe you can. That why one must read the Bhagwad gita! It is so important. Mahatma Gandhi too went back to this ever so many times. so many ridiculed him back then - today see - He is present on all the notes of currency! and yet look - the same notes are exchanged for a bottle of alcohol....
When Sattva increases in you, you'll know what is right and what you have to do and then you will get success.

Q) What is the right amount of desire and ambition one should have?
Guruji: The ambition which doesn't make you lose your values and ethics. That which doesn't make you lose your sense of morals. That which does not make you so blind that you become like one of our many politicians who are only interested in filling their bank accounts and not about where the country is heading. Many of these people are hoarding stock and later sell it for highers prices. Genetically modified seeds are other such thing. They know it is harmful but then they are not bothered! It;s become a greed. It's a greed that has turned into a crime.
So never allow your ambition to become your greed. and if it does at least don;t let it become a crime!
Be ambitious - but within your limits. else you'll be like this saying in Tamil (which when translated to English) > Your ambition is to rule the world but your ability is to take care of a buffalo.

Q) (It was about something on the lines of what choice should a woman make - between a good career prospect or stay with her depressing family)
Guruji: Is there any need of a choice? If the family is depressed then you do all what is in your ability to make then happy and get them out of depression as much as you can and you continue doing your job! There is no conflict.
Look, if the happy people decide to stay only with other happy people and isolate the sad ones will it work? If doctors say - no more now! we will stay and be only with healthy people - will it make any sense????

Q) We should have satsang in parliament. It will surely do good to those politicians sitting there. Why don;t you go there>
Guruji: before you elect them into the parliament - you send them here to me! :D It won;t look very nice for me to go there - so before electing them there - why don;t you send all send the parliament to me :) (applause applause applause) We've to raise our voice against corruption. Recently we had to renew our boiler license in Hyderabad and on the day of the inspection some officers came - and even without stepping out of the car just passed a msg on to our people to visit them at the office. When they went, the officers asked them to pay 5000 rupees. The boys said - that every application form fee was filled and nothing else was pending. The officer said - 5,000 or the licenses don;t get signed! they never did though - they said - if we pay the bribe how will we ever face guruji? how can we look at him in the eye ever? no no... no bribe...
so they told the officer - Our guruji, Sri Sri Ravshankarji, has told us not to pay bribe. I'm sorry - we will come here as many times as you want but we won;t pay.
The officer suddenly said - Oh! you should have told me earlier. Sorry! please - we don;t want anything. here is my card- if ever anyone in my department asks for a bribe let me know - I'll fire them from the department!!! (huge round of applause)
people do have a sense of justice, and we have to spread and rise that. You don;t pay bribe 0 maybe they won;t take it then. tell them with love and not with anger.
for instance if you are fasting and if someone offers you food - you gently tell them you are fasting and can;t eat - so it's not insulting but is polite. Each of you must make a difference in people's life. Hug them, fall at their feet, with kind words or with a tight slap - help them and be a positive change in their life. This is Saam-Daam-Bhed and Dand. Don;t start with a slap - it'll come back to you. good begets good, and people will come on. there might a few who are thick skinned - we'll see about them :)

Q) How can we stop this issue of caste system?
Guruji: See how it is here? did anyone ask you your caste in the kitchen? (no) you are all stting here and is there any segregation be caste? (no) this is what we have to take outside to certain sections. One of the things we need to work on is to remove those boards which are put up so that they get govt benefits and create a caste divide.
remember the jaati we are is manav jaat! Today's youth is not concerned one bit about this issue. it's just a political mandate still somewhere. we need to increase awareness.

Q) What is the importance of marriage?
Guruji: What is the importance for you? (the guy says - i don;t know) oh! so you are confused??maybe you want to get married? (and everyone started clapping and laughing) that's why i say - choice is yours! blessing is mine.
there are many people who are single and unhappy! and there are a few who are married and still happy! there are few single who are happy and few who are married who are unhappy!
the important thing is you be happy!

Q) (i couldn't hear the question)
Guruji: Do seva and relax! Vishram mein ram hai (in rest you find ram). Then know - i am nothing. I do nothing. and you'll know that you were never away from god! Are you away from air?? don;t think if you go to Kailash Shiva will spring up from the mountain and bless you. Or you'll pierce thru some cloud and catch god there! no... sit in meditation and relax.. attend satsangs...
*the girl interrupted saying 'but you know....') First you do this and don;t say "if's and Buts"!

Q) some people visit 1 god and others do many.. What is better - to worship 1 god or many gods?
Guruji: Here in India we worship the 1 god, called paramatma, in various forms. It's like sunlight, which is only 1 color but when it passes thru a prism what happened?? it is 7 colors. similarly in Kerla with a banana you can make a sweet dish and banana chips also!
how can someone tell you no i won;t make this dish from today - only chips!
(the best part was he spoke a bit in Malayalam and also mentioned some 3 types of dishes in Malayalam)

then it was time to call it a day! and i met him when he came out :D
it's half past 1 in the morning and i think I'll stay up on cloud#9 :)


SUTRA:"If your desires keep changing, know that you are growing. Otherwise, you are stagnant."- Sri Sri..

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