15 December, 2010

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Your Golden Cage

Honor reduces the freedom. Your fame, honor and virtue can limit your freedom.

Nobody expects a good person to make a mistake. So the better person you are, the higher the expectations people have of you. It is then that you lose your freedom. Your virtues and good actions are like a golden cage. You are trapped by your own good actions, for everyone expects more from a good person. Nobody expects anything from a bad person.

Most of the people are stuck in this cage of prestige and honor. They can not smile. They are constantly worried about keeping up their prestige and their honor. It becomes more important than their own life. Just being good or doing good to keep the prestige and honor is worthless. Prestige and honor can bring more misery in life than poverty.

Many desire fame, but little do they know that they are looking for a cage.

It is an art to be dignified, and yet not be suffocated by it. Only the wise would know this. For the wise one it is natural to be in honor, and he has no concerns even if it falls apart. Despite having fame or prestige, he will live as though he has none.

A wise person can handle any fame without feeling suffocated, for he is crazy too!

By doing good in the society one gains prestige, then enjoying the prestige and honor, one loses their freedom.

- Sri Sri

SUTRA:"Yesterday is not here; tomorrow is not here; but the present is here right now. Respect this moment, adore this moment."-Sri Sri...

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

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