25 December, 2010

Hats and caps

People have so many different fetishes. I too have few of them. Unlike many girls, who have a fetish for shoes, mine for one (besides many others- soon to be revealed) is caps and hats. Hats- Haa- as if I am sitting in sun, watching polo match. No, but still, I like hats and caps. Coming back to shoes. I am very very clear about the kind of footwear I like. They have to fall in one of the following categories

1. Tango footwear- High heel with a heel cage and ankle strap
2. Branded footwear
3. Unusual footwear

And the big No No will be

Flats- Kolhapuris, chappals, mojris, juttis
Wedge heels- Why am I the only one who finds them ugly?

Anyways, my this post is about my hats and caps. In fact, since I cannot put all my hats and caps in one blog post, let me do it one by one. So from now on, you will see my different caps and hats.

Here is one

Oh did I tell you that I like coordinating my caps with my mufflers/ stoles.

Above is a bucket cap in faux leopard fur.

Hold on to your hats till my next post. Put on your thinking caps.


  1. In real life too you wear so many hats..fitness trainer, fashion etc etc

  2. Thanks for visiting my Blog & leaving comments kiran.You have a very very interesting useful blog for people of all ages.I hope many are visiting.
    Though I have been following your posts very regularly, first time I left a comment though !