15 December, 2010

Meeting another blogger

It was an amazing experience, meeting someone from blogosphere. Here is lovely Leia. She is very well known and popular in the blog zone. 
Leia is from Dhaka and is visiting Delhi. So we decided to catch up over healthy lunch at my favorite Cafe E in Emporio. 
It just did not seem that I was meeting her in person for the first time. That is what is, the magic of blog. We seemed to know each other. Had things to chat about. We knew each other's interests etc. 

Leia, it was a delight and pleasure meeting you. You a fabulous girl. I really look forward to seeing you again.

What am I wearing

Dress: Yes, it is a dress and not a trench coat.- Chloe'
Boots- Vanilla Moon
Bag: Da Milano


  1. haye rabba main tey wekhi jaawa twanu *touchwood*

  2. I love her and you guys look fabulous! mwah xx

  3. Cool to meet someone from Blogging world. Did she take your ........?

    May be when I come to Delhi, we can plan something. I have met one person from blogging world here in Raleigh NC

  4. It was so nice to meet you! When I get home I'll write a blog post too and put up the pictures from my camera :)

  5. Wow, that is quite nice, I have seen Leia's comments here. I am sure you had a fantastic time.

  6. You too look absolutely amazing and how exciting to have met!! but oh dear my darlings... that was time wasted talking about... but I am so flattered and HUMBLED... really truly... and envious!

    You both are beings I would LOVE to meet, I feel kinship with you both.

    Kiran....gosh you are sexy! What a gorgeous trench-dress and I love your eye make-up and the fact that your boots are branded Vanilla!

    ...I do have to remind myself that it does get cool in Delhi!

    You both look so lovely...and Kiran hon... I am enjoying your tango series.

  7. How awesome that you two met! You both look great in these shots!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  8. Truly saying You're an Interesting girl. Love to see you again and again. I like you're choice and you've a very good sense of style. You look so young. Keep going. God bless you

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