29 December, 2010


I get ample number of queries from people inquiring about Pilates. Most of them pronounce it wrong in the very first place. Firstly, for heaven’s sake, it is not Pee lates. Pilates is pronounced: puh-lah-teez.

What is Pilates?
The next question that is thrown at me is- what is Pilates. Now how do I simply explain it? Well, it is a form of exercise.

In simple terms, Pilates is a form of exercise that targets the core of the body, i.e. the abdomen, back and hips while using the entire body.
It also increases flexibility and improves posture.
The exercises are done lying down on the mat, and involve a series of controlled movements of the arm and leg that strengthens the abs, hips and back. 

What sort of exercises does it involve?
Let me try and explain a few in my upcoming blogposts.