23 January, 2011


For women, sometimes it is more important to have girlfriends than boyfriends. Less heartaches and lots of girlie talk and fun. That is why my heart to heart talks are with my sister, who is miles and continents away.  What do I have to do, to tell her- Please come back. We miss you.
Anyways, this blogpost is about my girlfriend.
She is a famous journalist, has been an anchor with star news. Like me, she also dances Tango. We both love shopping, traveling, and have never ending chit chat about anything and everything. But tomorrow, she leaves for a project to Pondicherry for 15 days. So tonight, till 1.30 AM, we thought of some photo shoot together. Here is a glimpse of it.


  1. If one does not read your write up carefully,one could easily think that you are twin sisters :))) Looks like you have a very good friend.

  2. Touch wood..What a close knit bond.Very Very Girli moments

  3. you are right about needing girlfriends and cute pics

  4. Beautiful friendship, nice photos too.

  5. Lovely photos! Most of my girlfriends are in London and I miss them so much. You definitely need a girl with whom to have a heart-to-heart once in a while!


  6. Beautiful! You two look so similar you could be sisters! As it is... you are soul sisters.

    I have a soul sister...and I make her pose with me for shoots!! She's quite camera shy and I'm papparazzi so when we're together she resigns herself to having the camera in her face!

    You two look like you had so much fun!

    I hope you are well my dear Kiran.