14 January, 2011

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Jealousy

1. Know that the person that you are jealous or envious of has done
some good karma in the past and they are now reaping the fruit.

2. Take it as an inspiration to gain merit now.
3. Create a sense of belongingness with them. See that they are a
part of you.
4. Think of all you have that they don't have and feel grateful.
5. Ananda says, "Observe the sensations."
6. Join hands and form a team with them.
7. Realise that in the current of moving time all will perish.
8. Think of everyone that is jealous of you for what you have.
Stephano added: "And see that all that people envy you for has not
brought joy anyway."

9. Stephano: "Go and ask them 'are you happy?' "
Caroline: "And what if they say 'Yes?' " (Laughter!).

If the answer is "yes" then they must be in the Art of Living (Laughter!)
"What to do if others are jealous or envious of you?"

Ananda: "What to do if others are jealous or envious of you?"

1. Praise them in superlatives.
2. Create a sense of belongingness in them by your kind actions.
3. Know that their feelings are temporary.
4. The best is not to recognise their envy or jealousy at all. If you
recognise a feeling as a reality it only makes your ignorance grow.

5. Know all feelings and emotions are just like passing clouds.
6. Do not show off your talents to them.
7. Know that they are puppets. They will all perish like apples and
tomatoes - just a longer shelf-life (Laughter!).

If nothing else works just go to sleep (Shirley: "And don't forget to take a pillow").

- Sri Sri

~ ~ ~

Guru of Joy!

Once Shankaracharya visited Guruji’s home. When he saw Guruji he made him sit down & told parents, "your Child is Divine. He has come for a special purpose."

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

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{Daily Sutra} Subject: Intention
You take a vision or goal, and offer it to the Divine while working for that – “This is what I want and you know what is best for me. If this or anything better, I am ready to accept.” Sometimes you don’t know what you want. If you know what you want, it is not difficult to get it. Often you find if you are persistent to get something, you don’t want the same thing the next week, the next month or the next year. So, before you make an intention, expand your awareness. Put an intention in the universe - I want this or anything better.

{Knowledge Sheet} Subject: Conversation between a child and his teacher regarding God.

Child: What is God? What is Divinity?

Teacher: Food is God.

So, the child went back and grew enough food. He understood the value of food and the effects of food on the body and mind. But then he thought, “food is not everything”. So, he again went to his teacher to ask the same.

Child: What is God? What is the supreme power that rules everything?

Teacher: The prana (Life force) is God. The breath is God.

The child went back and spent his time in understanding about prana - How life force is entering and leaving our body. He had understood it, climbed that step, and so he came to know that that was not all. So, he went to his teacher again with that authentic willingness to know.

Child: I have understood about Prana but I am not yet satisfied. Please tell me, what is Divine? What is God?

Teacher: The mind is God.

Then he spent his time studying and observing the mind, and found – ‘some good thoughts come in the mind, some bad thoughts come in the mind. There is mind sometimes and there is no mind at some other times’. After spending a good amount of time, he felt that there was something more, and mind is not all. So, he again went to the teacher, and asked the same question.

Teacher: Knowledge is God.

Then he contemplated about knowledge, but he was not really satisfied. Knowledge is of course very much needed to move ahead. But he still felt there was something more, there was no juice there. So, he went to his teacher for the last time and very humbly asked the same question.

Teacher: Bliss is Divine.

Then this boy went back, experienced bliss and all his questions disappeared by this time. He said that love and bliss is really nature of God.
Step by step, the teacher guided him on the path. That is why it is so important to take knowledge in the presence of a saint. It is more beneficial to listen from a Guru/Master because He doesn’t speak on the level of words only, but he speaks the very experience. Experience awakes experience in others. But the child never complained that there was something more to what he was told. He knew that a person who doesn’t know about food would not understand that bliss is God and same for other steps. A person having no food to eat cannot understand that bliss is God. That is why Food is important.

We have five types of Bodies..(Continued in the next post) 


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