29 January, 2011

Receding Winters

Finally winters seem to be receding and I am coming out of my layers and layers of clothes, am shivering less, looking less like an eskimo, basking a little in some sunshine. In fact, as if sub consciously, I do not want to face winters again, I gave away my warmest winter jacket which helped me sail through these winters. Now, I have switched to wearing light woolens and probably a shawl/stole over it.

So here is me, welcoming and looking forward to summers. I feel like singing-

Winter Winter, Go Away
Never come another day
Little Kiran wants to play.

(I hope you know which nursery rhyme have I twisted and jumbled up here)

What am I wearing
Tunic Top/Dress: My own creation


  1. Cute.the rhyme & the dress & of course// The Little Kiran //
    Of course with winter moving away so early ,one is really worried about the long summer ahead

  2. Good job little Kiran for making background white. Easy to read now. Nice small poem.

  3. I also like the white background! And I'm glad winter is finally receding in Delhi. It has become hot hot hot in Dhaka (our winter lasted about 5 days, haha)!