04 February, 2011

Check Mate

I had such a splendid day. On days like these, I feel- Wow!! I am so blessed. Caught up with three friends, at different times and different places. All very dear ones. Had salad lunch in Cafe E, Emporio, with one, ice tea in the evening in Amici, in Select, with another and clear vegetable soup for dinner in Sheraton, Saket, with third. The one I met for lunch is so adorable, an absolute delight.

This is what I wore today

Shirt dress: Tommy Hilfiger
Sandals: Louis Vuitton
Necklace: Gift from a friend

In the evening, I added tights and a stole to it and also changed the belt.


  1. Wow!! Beautiful Kiran. Nice to know you had a wonderful day.

  2. Who did you meet for lunch? You have special mention.

    I only know Sheraton out of this lot. That is good to know.

    Now when I come to Delhi, I know where you will take and my wife for dinner. I do not mind at all :))

  3. I really don't understand how you can survive on such little food! :P