24 February, 2011

Get Alive

Few days back I had written this post, about whether to stagnate or emancipate in life.

I met a very impressive gentleman today. I had gone to the Apple store (Mac) and there I saw this elder person, who must be 80-85 year old or rather more. He was talking to the service guys of the store and talking complete technical stuff. Hardware, software, memory, drive etc etc. Now I got very inquisitive and  leaving all shame aside, I gaped at him awestruck and even listened intently to the intelligent conversation he was making. He was definitely older than my parents (who are internet savvy, but still would not be able to talk certain technical terms. Even I was ignorant of the stuff he was talking). I just could not hold back my curiosity and I asked him directly, "uncle you seem very knowledgeable. But for your generation, computers are not known to everyone. How do you know so much."
His answer was so inspiring. I think, it should become a motto of life for many. He said, "beta, in my age, after retirement, I had only two choices. Either to sit at home and become a vegetable or learn new things. I chose to do later. And today, I even teach my grandchildren and fix their computers for them." He had such a gleaming pride in his eyes and I was so choked, I could barely tell him that I was so proud of him and he was such an inspiration.
I saw him proudly leaving in his own vintage car that he was driving so deftly, leaning a little forward to adjust his vision. He looked so statuesque, self reliant and poised. 


  1. inspirational story
    thanks for sharing

  2. How true, becoming Obsolete is only in the mind..Its upto one remain current

  3. Very good story. I try to keep learning new things...

    And I know some other people keep learning a new skill every year and others do not like it.

    May be 'cousins' need to read this post too.

  4. He sounds like a truly wonderful person, one in a million might choose the way he's chosen. You're not alone Kiran, I would have gaped awestruck at him as well. :)