06 February, 2011


It has been a while, since I have seen some latest release. But, I have caught up with some old ones coming on TV. Pretty Woman still makes me skip a heart beat. Richard Gere looks yummilicious in it. Do you have any such top favorite?

Well before I describe what I am wearing, here is something to bring a smile on you.

Blonde girl, walking by the river saw a crocodile and screamed, "OH MY GOD! LACOSTE!!"

Now What am I wearing:
Dress: Esprit
Fur Cape/Neck piece: Zara
Necklace and bracelet: A gift from a friend. This friend of mine exports artificial jewelry to stores like FCUK, Forever 21 etc etc. She is too generous. And gives all her friends loads of such jewelry. So all my artificial jewelry comes from her.
Sandals: Skin Sin



  1. Stunning look! I love purple, I love faux fur, and I love sparkly jewelry... thus, I adore every piece of your outfit! And your figure looks fabulous as usual ;)


  2. you have such a fab figure and it's highlighted so well in this dress as it is purple is my weakness and I love everything in this color

  3. You look HOT!!!
    Loved every piece of your ensemble.
    Loved your stringy strappy sandals. Main kab se aise dhoondh rahi hoon.
    You look fabulous!!