05 March, 2011


If we talk about perfumes, I am not a very floral person. I would not wear something like Anais Anais.
I like strong, evoking perfumes. I like vanilla fragrance. My all time favorite perfumes would be- Opium, Lola by Marc Jacobs, sometimes I would even wear Happy by Clinique.

But when it comes to prints, I like happy, vibrant, colorful, vivacious, floral prints, polka dots, anything that is very Alive and not Dead.

I don't know how some girls live all their lives in nothing but black, thinking that black is classy or it makes them look thin. Any monochromatic color can make you look thin- red, deep blue, burgundy, etc.
And these colors are equally classy.

Anyways, like I keep saying, there is nothing as,"classy" or "tacky" (oh no! let me contradict my own self. Those TV soap sarees, filled with sequins are really really tacky). But you should know how to wear, what you wear, with a panache. Enjoy what you wear. 

What am I wearing here:

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Top: Derhy
Linen Trousers: Wills

Jewelry: Bought from dad

Sandals: Louis Vuitton

I love this ring. It has a mobile butterfly on it, that keeps moving in all the directions. Recently bought it from a random shop in Select City Walk.

When I had bought this top, I knew my sister would love it. This is so her style. And she actually did.
We, of course, share clothes. Here, she is wearing the same top. Behind her are my pictures.
Don't we resemble each other a lot?
Her pictures at that time were not shot with SLR. Hence they are not as sharp.

Oh La La!!


  1. That is a beautiful floral top :) I love wearing florals but don't like floral scents either!


  2. Love the top Kiran!
    And I like that ring too - hee heeee! I know when you got that :D

  3. I loooove your ring!! Awesomeeee!
    Yes I love that top. But u look much better in it