03 March, 2011

Kiran's Weight Loss Diet for 5 kg weight loss in 7 days

You have a wedding to attend, a special do where you want to look fabulous. And you want to shed 5 kg instantly in a jiffy.

Here is my sure shot formula for 5 kg weight loss in a week.

Day 1 and 2- Only Liquids- These will be- Chaach (Buttermilk), black tea/Coffee (without sugar), lemon water, coconut water, clear vegetable soup or clear chicken soup.

This will detoxify the body and prepare it for the coming weight loss. Maximum weight loss will also happen in these two days.

Day 3-4- All fruits and vegetables. Except banana, mango, grapes, chikoo and potatoes.
Have a lot of salad leaves like iceberg, lettuce, rocket leaves, with vinaigrette dressing.

Right after detoxifying the body for first 2 days, do not immediately have heavy foods. Still go slow.

Day 5- 6-7- All fruits and vegetables/fish/lean breast of chicken plus add a carbohydrate like wheat during lunch time. Have a wheat bran bread or 2 pieces of Indian Roti (mix 50 % wheat and 50% wheat bran to make a chapati).
Dinner should be light like soup, vegetables/ fish/chicken breast (these can be cooked/ boiled/ steamed/ saute/ grilled/baked)

Enjoy 5 kg weight loss.

If you also workout, these 5 kg will not come back. And you can repeat this diet as many times as you want.


  1. I would like to lose 5 kg but don't know if I have the willpower for this diet!

  2. Kiran,

    Excellent practical tips.

  3. I am going to do this Kiran . Shall tell you the result.

  4. This blog post is like an answered prayer. Have been indulging a bit over the winter and while on holiday so this sounds great. Definitely want to try it. You sure I won't faint or that all my hair will drop out? Because being in good health is of prime importance.

  5. For sure i will try and get back to you! Weight Loss Diet

  6. I tried it for 3 days.i lost 3 kgs in 3 days.after 3 days i stopped this diet.its really amazing to loose 3 kgs in 3 days.

  7. Thanks for sharing weight loss diet tips because weight loss is the biggest issue in India.