07 March, 2011

To repeat or not to repeat

Yesterday, after watching the play, I attended a Sangeet function. This is what I wore.
This saree has featured on this blog. But, it is OK. I do repeat my gorgeous sarees. I guess each one of us does. When, we know that it will be different set of people in a function, who have not seen the outfit before. The clothes get true value then. The kind of sarees I buy are like forever green, classics. They can never go out of trend or fashion. That is another plus for buying a traditional weave.

I also recommend that if you are buying a designer bag or shoes, buy classics rather than seasonal collection. The seasonal collections are always very tempting and irresistible but classics have their own worth and value.

Banarasi Sari: From my in house weavers
Jewelry: Bought from dad

Shoes: Miu Miu