28 March, 2011

Trip to Puducherry

This has been one of the most amazing and relaxing trips that I have experienced. Landed in Chennai.

From there, took a cab and two and half hour drive to Puducherry. It was along the East Coast Road (ECR), facing the sea side throughout. Spectacular view, lovely weather, great drive.

Checked into the best hotel of this town- The Promenade. Had a sea facing suite.

Went for a short and quick stroll around town. The architecture is completely French. Colonial buildings, huge white mansions. People driving motorbikes, scooties and cycles. Saw the Governor's house, aquarium, and Pondicherry museum. 

Yes I have two arms. Not one. Though this picture shows only one.

What am I wearing:

Kurti: Kilol
Linen Pants: Wills
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Clarks
Glares: Dior

In the coming posts, lots more pictures and description of my trip.


  1. you look very relaxed, love the bag

    The pic has been taken in south delhi only it's near to GK and has both part 1 and part 2

    will post a better pic of the necklace soon

  2. I wish I had a relaxing weekend. I need seven days to recover.

  3. So you made a trip to Puducherry. My house ( permanent ) is on ECR in Chennai.

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