13 March, 2011

Walk in Jahanpanah forest

 Yesterday besides lots of dancing (that you have seen in the videos), I did 10 kms walk in Jahanpanah forest. (7 kms inside the forest track and 3 kms was going and coming from house). Felt so good.
This is what I wore. These pictures were clicked with mobile camera. But next time onwards, I will carry my DSLR and click better pictures.

This is what I wore

T Shirt: Billabong
Dhoti Pants: Trendy Diva, in Metropolitan Mall, Saket. These pants have featured on my blog before.


  1. That looks like a beautiful forest! I would love to walk there. 10 km is pretty impressive. I only run 4 and I am already winded :P


  2. Good luck with DSLR. You will carry only once...

    I assume you enjoyed walk.

  3. I meant you will carry DSLR to walk only once....

  4. Love the way the colour of your T shirt and those super pants is reflected in the flower cascade behind you :)