14 April, 2011

Avoid Dengue and Malaria

We all know that to avoid dengue and malaria, we need to avoid mosquitoes.
There are various methods we all know for that-

  • Avoid water stagnation- that breeds mosquitoes
  • Apply mosquito repellent creams
  • Sleep in mosquito nets
  • Spray Mosquito repellent sprays or burn coils or other such repellents as All Out, Good Night etc.

But recently I was introduced to an extremely effective, safe (organic and herbal-no side effects), and cost effective method of getting rid of mosquitoes.

Recently, on my trip to Pondicherry I got these-

  • Air Freshener- which is with citronella oil- It is non flammable, Eco- friendly, effective against mosquitoes. It can be used in rooms, cars, flooring, carpets, curtains, sofas, etc.
  • Anti Mosquito Incense sticks- made with resins and pure natural essential oils from flowers and plants of geranium, citronella, neem, camphor and lemon grass. They have effective repellent action against mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Herbal Mosquito repellent spray, which is non toxic, does not cause allergies and is Eco friendly.
If you are from Delhi, and want to get these products in Delhi, try Maitri store. It is a small outlet inside Mother International School. It sells lots of organic products. Great Spices too. Inside the complex, there is also a shop called Auroshikha that sells such incense sticks, aroma oils, candles, books etc.


  1. Very useful information. Checked your Youtube channel and very interesting.

  2. its good that you gave the address of the shop from where one can purchase the products.

  3. Is there a lot of mosquitoes around this time of the year??

  4. That's good you are taking precaution on it. They are very similar to Cambodian and Thai outfits. I am part Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian so I was influence with the mixture with Cambodian and Indian. How are you doing??

  5. If you don't have mosquito coils during a camping, at least try to use a lotion that repels insect or sleep in a mosquito net. This will prevent insect bites or even deadly viruses from mosquito bites.

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