23 April, 2011

Color me Red

Sometimes, I like to be a dreamer and live in my own fantasy world which is "perfect and flawless". Sometimes, it feels nice not to live in real but unreal. Yet, to be believe that, that is real.
Sometimes, it feels good to close your eyes and be transported to the world that you have created. To close your eyes and make a wish.

What am I wearing
Dress: Gauri and Nainika
Heels: Comme Il Faut


  1. Beautiful red dress! I love that it's one shoulder!!


  2. Red looks good on you. Beautiful outfit. Let me guess, these are not shot self.

  3. Okay... I can comment now BUT your blog insists I sign in first otherwise I get all these error messages. Have you set it to be naraaz at me??
    ..like you I don't always comment but that doesn't mean I don't come to 'see' you. I often wonder why people don't comment on my blog when I see them everywhere else, perhaps because my blog is boring???!!

    Anyway, enough of such things.

    What a beautiful colour on you!! You look magnificent but I must confess Beautiful Woman that i'm not too fond of the length of this dress. It should either be full length or mid thigh.
    ...and take some more pics, this time... let the sleeve blow in the wind... set your camera to continuoys burst and turn around in a circle very slowly with your arm out and the sleeve like a laal dupatta... :) ... and then close your eyes and make a wish...

    If I was to photograph you in this dress I would ask you to wear your tango shoes and strike dramatic Tango poses, as if you're holding a partner. This would elongate you and accentuate the dramatic sleeve and highlight the sensuality of it all.

  4. Lovely dress! Where were the photos taken?


  5. Thank you so much for your comment , beautiful tango lady.
    I love, love tangos, ahhhhhhhhh
    The soul of Argentina...

  6. love the red and the sleeve is so beautiful