18 April, 2011

How am I?

If I were to answer this question- How am I feeling Now?
I would say- Blessed, Contended, Peaceful and Happy- in a state of Bliss (Guru's Grace, I would say). Touchwood.
Reason- No reason. Really.
Do you need a reason to be happy? Or do you feel complete in your own self to be happy?
Dance, rejoice, meditate, workout, go for a long walk and you will be happy.

What am I wearing
My smile
Dress: Derhy
Heels: Skin Sin
Watch: Chanel


  1. That is a gorgeous dress!! Love the fringe, the colors and the embelishment on the neckline!!


  2. Some people are always happy and you are probably one of those.

  3. yes...you do not need reason to be happy...when one is complete one just feels happy...cute pics :-)

  4. *sigh*

    You should be taxed for being so pretty!!


    And yes today while Kriya I was desperate for my kria as I found my mind taking over me (I was feverishly excited over a new thing/understanding but that was taking me away from my peace and balance)

    So I knew I was longing for Kria and then I surrendered with the breath and just kept smiling . THAT is when I finally experienced a Buddha's smile comes from outside the realm of any reason/ cause etc.. It just is... and smile is not dependent on any reason. True..and same your post says...

    Pretty people think alike :)

    Love Gurudev

  5. Love the first picture of you!! with your gorgeous smile!!! cute dress

  6. I loved the 3rd pic. a lot.
    be always happy. God Bless

  7. thanks for the comment i following you ;)

  8. You are making it sound so simple..Touch wood you are sporting the smile & the reason seems you practice what you preach !!

  9. I wish I could be so happy so easily! But it's great to hear about your mood :D. And that swishy fringe dress is awesome!