26 April, 2011

Indore Aqua Aerobics workshop

After the aqua aerobics workshop, in Indore, everyone changed and had a great Lunch. As you can see, we still had wet hair. But then we were informally chatting and getting the pictures shot. As I have stated earlier, it was a group of over 100 women.
This is what I was wearing
Dress: FCUK
Heels: Ferragamo


  1. love your blog!


  2. Aqua aerobics- did you attend any camp? ok. let me scroll back and see your earlier post.

  3. Hi kiran,

    I tried aqua aerobics when I lived abroad....you should so come to Hyderabad too ...I would love to join the bandwagon .....do you know of any places in Hyd which offer them....

  4. LOVE your FCUK dress. Is it in stores now? It's got a great cut and gives you such a great shape.