26 April, 2011

Orange Hues

Does this happen with you too that you have so much to tell and say that you just do not know where to start it from and say what.
It is happening with me.
Last few days have been such frenzy, so much fun, so much to write about that I do not know where to start it from.
So, I will inhale. Take a deep breath. Collect myself. Come in the present and when, the mind will become still, I will share more spicy things with you. In the mean time, you also enjoy.
I leave you with these pictures.

What am I wearing

Orange top: Ritu Kumar
Pants: Handed down from sister
Heels: Ferragamo
Location: Indore: Hotel Sayaji


  1. You look really cute in that! Thank you for accepting my request for the guest post. When ever you are ready with. Have a good day!

  2. Very lovely in orange Kiran it brightens you up

  3. Kiran, you look lovely---I really like those dip-dyed jeans!

  4. beautiful top andJeans and also matching footwear.