22 May, 2011

Different types of Indian saris

The wardrobe of a saree enthusiast woman has atleast one saree from different regions of India. It is their hobby and desires to own the specialties and the traditional sarees of the regions across India. Apart from these traditional sarees you’ll also find the regular wear sarees like plain sarees, synthetic sarees, Printed sarees etc. Women in India love to accessorize themselves, especially when dressed in Saree. They flaunt with jewelry, Gajara and make up. 

Each state of India has its own specialty. A unique range of gorgeous and beautiful sarees come from Gujarat, Bengal, Rajasthan, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, Western Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala, Chennai and Tamilnadu. The dominant characteristic of the saree of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and Western Madhya Pradesh regions is obtained by dyeing rather than weaving techniques. In fact, the three major forms of Indian resist-dyeing – block printing, tie & dye and ikat have evolved in these regions.

A saree is a daily wear attire of thousands of women across India. It is most elegant creation that gives a sensuous and concealing look to a woman. A woman is draped in a saree from head to toe and still looks sexy and hot, that’s the charm of a saree. Saree is the favorite clothing for women across India. Saree is the oldest style of clothing that never goes out of Fashion. Always in demand and always in heart of an Indian woman. The beauty of a mystic saree lies in the way one wraps, folds and tucks and drapes this seamless piece of clothing. Be it any informal gathering or a formal one, you can never go wrong with a saree.
These wonderful sarees are available in different types of fabrics. Following are the most commonly used fabrics:

Georgette Sarees
One of the most commonly used material in making a modern saree is Georgette. The material is very lightweight but the weight of Georgette may vary depending on the work. This is the easiest fabric to carry as in the form of saree. The pleats come so well, the saree is tucked well without and hustle and bustle. You need not have to face difficulties in carrying Georgette sarees. Georgette creates an elegant saree drape. This is again ideal for the saree pleats when walking and the saree drape. On a Georgette sari you can have both lighter and heavier types of embroidery and any type of print.

Chiffon Sarees
Chiffon is also one of the lightweight materials used in making a saree. There are various patterns available in chiffon like dana chiffon, chamundi chiffon to name a few. It gives a slim look to the body and the fabric just drapes beautifully. Chiffon is a material which gives an elegant floating appearance to the Indian sari. A chiffon sari is ideal for evening wear. Chiffon can be made from silk, nylon or polyester.

Silk Sarees
The Indian silk is famous all across the world and so is the Silk sarees. Silk sarres never go out of fashion or are never out dated. They are perfect for any occasion. These sarees can also be worn as daily attire. Each woman in India owns at least one Silk Saree. The sarees look lavish and very elegant. There are so many forms of Silk sarees available in India. For example South Silk, Kanchipuram, Garwal Silk etc. Silk sarees have a natural shine which is great for showcasing traditional Indian prints.

Crepe sarees
Crepe has gained popularity as a saree material in recent years. It is a luxurious fabric that is appropriate for embroidery. It is slightly heavy material, but when draped, looks very beautiful and classic. This material has a great fall look and is a perfect evening wear.
Cotton Sarees
Cotton, once used to be a normal household fabric. Silk was unaffordable fabric of that time and because of which Cotton became common man's fabric. But today cotton is one of the most demanded fabric across the world. The cotton sarees are lightweight and easy care. Indira Gandhi always wore cotton sarees and so is her daughter-in-law, congress president, Sonia Gandhi. Cotton is now a symbol of class and elegance.


  1. When I visited your blog first, I saw you draped in that silk saree and was impressed by the elegance, freshness and cheer in your face.

    Since then I became a regular here. I also love georgette and chiffons.

  2. I like the 3rd paragraph the most-'A saree is a daily wear....'
    Georgette saree is gorgeous.I like the color too.
    Chiffon looks elegant.
    Silk sarees are good too.Look a bit heavy so maybe suited more for transitional Indian occasions.
    Cotton sarees - Green one looks so beautiful and the green mala adds extra charm to it.
    Ok, ordering them just for fun -
    1.Green one
    2.pink blue that I already have seen before.
    3.Orange one

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