07 May, 2011

Happy Mother's day Mom

With me, my mom also has been in media. Check this link here. This is what it says.

Fitnesolution, New Delhi

Most silvers sign up for low-impact Pilates - pronounced puh-lah-tiss - for all the right reasons. This low-impact workout combines a series of controlled movements, concentration and breath control and strengthens the torso, providing support for the spine and improving flexibility and posture. For years, it's been the preferred exercise regime for dancers and gymnasts around the world. Fortunately, you don't have to be athletic to engage in it. But homemaker Kamal Bajaj, 62, took it up in 2006 for different reasons: it's the latest fad in Delhi and Tiger Woods swears by it. In these two years Bajaj has discovered several other reasons to back her choice. Fitness guru Kiran Sawhney who runs Pilates studio Fitnesolution in Greater Kailash, New Delhi, trains Bajaj. The daily hour-long class costs her Rs 2,500 a month.
It looked deceptively simple in the beginning, says Bajaj. "Our first exercise was to breathe in and out a hundred times. And I thought ‘that's simple'.” But then she was told to keep her back straight, raise her legs, keep her neck in line, pump her hands as she inhaled and exhaled. When you contract the abdominal muscles, you extend the back muscles, and when you contract the back muscles, you extend the abdominal muscles, so they start to work in tandem. The coordination was initially tough but Bajaj stuck to it.
The first major draw was to feel relaxed after every session. Eventually Bajaj saw other benefits: she became stronger, more flexible and her posture improved significantly. Sawhney's silver students mostly come to her with stiff and painful knees or lower back problems. Others simply don't feel that good anymore. And they prefer Pilates or yoga to a rigorous workout because it's holistic and has a meditative quality. "It's physical [through postures and breath control], spiritual and mental,” says Sawhney. Bajaj agrees. "I often felt depressed after menopause set in and lonely after my three daughters got married and settled abroad,” she says. "But when I'm at a Pilates class, I can't think about other things. I have to live in the present.”


  1. Kiran,

    Happy Mother's Day :))) Nice pics

  2. Aww I love these mother-daughter shots! You look so fit and slim in these photos too :)


  3. Happy mother's day to you and your mom