21 May, 2011

Indian vs Western

I got this dress from FCUK.
Today I had to wear an Indian outfit for a casual lunch during day time (I was being prude) so I paired it with Salwar (Indian pants) and at night, it was a weekend dance party, where I wore the original dress. It has a beautiful hand embroidery on it. And white is a color I love, specially during summers. I love such versatile dresses that can serve dual purpose. Which version do you like better?


  1. That's a beautiful dress, I'm so jealous. I love everything about it.

  2. beautiful! you look amazing

  3. great dress and i prefer the "without the salwar" version

  4. Looking good :)

    just dropped by to say hello its Matt from http://TropicalPenpals.com

  5. Lovely hand made embroidery done.I saw the last 2 pics by magnifying them,for about 5 min to savior the beautiful, minute hand work done.I deeply appreciate the craftsman[women] who did the embroidery work.
    It looks beautiful on you and yes,I like the 1st version i.e. the one with a red salwar,more.