02 May, 2011


So it happened again today. And I have to vent it out again through this blog. 
I am fuming. Here is how, a telephonic conversation, happened, with a so called friend.

So called friend- Kiran you were on TV today morning on CNBC channel.
Me: Really? (The shoots generally happen months in advance and I seldom know when my programs get aired. I get to know only when such so called friends let me know.). OK. What was I doing?
So called friend- You were doing Yoga. 
Me- OK. How did you find the program?
So called friend- You know I was watching it with another friend. And he made a critical comment, to which I would agree. He said that this person is wearing so many rings and bracelets. Yoga and jewelry do not go together.
Me- Oh! this? That is OK. You and your friend do not know and are free to have your own opinion.
I have never claimed to be any Saint or "Maa Kiran", for that matter. I am not one of those yoga persons, who do Yoga clad in saffron attire. I like myself like this. So that is OK.
So called friend- How much more money will you make?
Me- (surprised/ rather shocked)- Why? What do you mean?
So called friend- No, you are always busy.
Me- I do not work for money (Even if I did, there is no harm and none of anyone's business). I like my work.
So called friend- (with a lot of hint of jealousy and criticism)- Ya Ya...bla bla bla..slow down a bit..
Me- (Cutting the conversation short)- OK so I hope all is well at your end. How is family? etc etc. OK bye.

Am I a magnet which attracts such negative people full of jealousy? 
Can these people stop telling me what to wear or what not to wear? Can these people stop assessing my income please? I love life and enjoy it to its fullest. If these people cannot digest this fact, too bad for them. If they want to act jealous or want to judge me, bring it on. We are on a war footing. If they think, I will change for them, they should try their luck somewhere else.

And now for the rest of sniveling, jealous, spiteful wretches; they should go back to their jobs and do some work.

I do not grieve over criticism from the jealous and the weak- minded. One will be rewarded if one shows forbearance to such criticism and to impertinent remarks. The more they criticize you, the more you are increased in worth, because only someone who is unaccomplished has no one who is jealous of him. People do not kick a dead dog.

They are jealous of he who has surpassed them; People show him enmity and opposition. They are jealous of that which he has been blessed with; God will not take away from him the cause of their resentment.


  1. well, the good thing that comes out of this is that you have achieved a lot... that is the reason ppl are jealous... :)

    i hope that you are fine after venting about it here and are better now... take care Kiran!

  2. Many have this mean mentality of poking their head into others lives and giving taunts and passing unnecessary remarks.The main reason is they feel they are unable to do anything because of their own self created reasons and when others work hard and become successful they become green ....

    Very rarely you come across people who appreciate.

  3. Maa Kiran in saffron clothes, I just have one question....How much do you charge for yoga class? LOL. LOL.

    Ignore these people....and you know how to....:)))

  4. Fireworks ,toofan , Aandhi...all in that post !!Weel the three people who have commented before me have said it all..your lovely smile suits you beautifully ,so keep smiling..now that you have flushed it out of your system simply takecare !!

  5. god I hate such people, it's basically losers who can't do anything themselves and she is definitely not a friend I cut off such people from my life and have recently done it with a couple of people.

    on the movies front i did not see dum maro dum had heard the movie is ok types might watch it on dvd

  6. Just keep on being yourself, being real, and doing the good work you do! =)

  7. Ignore them, Kiran. Do what makes you happy.

    Such people are all over the place. I've come to terms with the fact that not everyone who are friends with you are your well wishers. Live your life the way you want to, and if it is paying you and making you famous - all the more better!

  8. just now on phone discussing notes with my friend..our conversation drifted to how supremely awesome one of our Professors is! He multi tasks and God knows so many research and publication..and still when you need to discuss something he says "anytime"...I mean just what a Man! types...and Supremely humble as well, super down to earth...like those too good to be true types, he will retire next year.

    So anyways I told my friend "ab samajh mein aa raha hai woh wali kahawat ki -- Jis paed pe bohat phal hote hain woh jhuk jaata hai"

    After reading your post I can just say "jis paed pe bohat phal hote hain..uspe nishane to lagte hi hain"


    Love Guru Deva!