10 May, 2011

Kiran Sawhney, the fitness trainer from Delhi, in print media

I also train people in these forms of exercise regimes and I have been featured in articles for doing-


Gym Stick/Fitness Stick

Medicine ball


Sports Conditioning


  1. Hope men are not banned from your site.lol
    Nice post...wondering...doesn't it get boring after a while..
    words that sounded interesting on your about me - fountainhead[i find atlas shrugged better],art of living,sri sri ravi shankar ji,movies...

  2. So many clippings. Great!! Your body is flexible.

  3. Wow that's some moves..... somebody seems like getting lots of media attention these day.. congrats!!!

  4. I used to do that head stand in the bead when I was a kid. lol. Lots of nice pictures. I have to checkout some of those magazines with your pictures. Good job Kiran.

  5. Cannot find comment section in your present post.

  6. Kiran,

    Did you bar people from commenting on your last post of Water....haha:)))

    It is indeed controversial post so you disabled comments..hahah:)))

    I know that is not the reason but we will pick on you.

  7. That's one of the things I need to do more often is drink water!!!! I don't do that between workout and I get tired very easy. Kiran do you have facebook?

  8. too bad you don't live in Bombay kiran or else I'd love to train with you

  9. your interesting post above has no comment box so i am giving it here dear,

    i dont know lot about research but during my light work out i always avoid water even i take it quite after from finishing it,

    back in my village my grandma and mom used to tell me always that after any kind of hard work let your body cool down then drink any kind of liquid so it has become my habit thanks for wonderful sharing god bless