03 June, 2011


Today a fellow blogger wrote this line- 'If you can't take jokes, never crack any'!

Instead of commenting, I thought of writing an individual post on this.

An ample number of times, people (read insensitive people), say any lame thing and try to get away with it as- "I was joking", "mazak kiya tha", "I was pulling your leg". My answer to it is that joke/Mazak, is something on which everyone laughs equally. If even one person, in the whole group feels bad about what is said, it is no more a joke. It has crossed the line. I call it "badtmeezi" (being rude).

Do not ever accept such situations. If you feel bad, it was certainly not a joke because it did not make you laugh. On the contrary, you felt bad. Voice it out. Do not stay quiet about it. Do not let the other party get away with it, at your expense and even make you feel worse by saying that you do not know how to make jokes. Be sensitive to others and be sensitive to your own self.


  1. Awesome! Thanks Kiran.. I will go back to those people and tell them why I went away.
    Wish I could borrow the last paragraph from you.. It makes so much sense :)


  2. you are right! some people just say mean things and say just kidding. wth!


  3. Someone rightly said - There is always a little bit of truth in 'Just Kidding'..'aase hi bola tha' etc etc...
    You are absolutely right. I agree with you completely and liked your views.

    On the other hand, many times, I get misunderstood, unintentionally - due to medium of communication, language etc. At that times, I try to explain afterwards but you cannot take back the bullet shot out from the mouth. Still trying to improve on that.

  4. I do agree with you. If one is not comfortable with someone's joke, he/she should tell this straight away so that it should not be repeated in future.

  5. I meant congrats on 500 followers....

    i hate it when ppl mask their caustic comments as sarcasm... they shud have the guts o say it

  6. you are damn right....
    well " I was joking " is the biggest escape for people who just open their foul mouth without thinking.

  7. I totally agree with what you said! So true! A joke must be something amusing and funny, not an excuse to say bad stuff.


  8. I agree with your views, I just hate it when people say just kidding or that was just a joke, it's like giving a medicine to a damage that could be avoided in the very first place.

  9. It also depends on one's relationship with the person cracking the joke.

    In general,one should laugh 'with' others but not 'at' others.

  10. I know some people..they are so good in pulling others leg (it is a jock for them) but they cant even pulling there toe.

  11. Crude ones ,a lot of them around..best to keep them at an arms length & when one cannot ,see through them as if they dont exist ..Any how it may trigger them further