15 June, 2011

My Fitness Show

I am regularly on air on on NDTV 24/7 channel. Monday to Friday. Morning 7.30AM.
My show is called Fit for Life.
It is going to be short, mini capsule on fitness.
I will soon be posting videos of the same.

In this whole Razzmatazz following Baba Ramdev, many channels and publications have asked my take on him.
People have seen the reality Now. I have gone on air publicly many a times and have spoken anti him and his tactics and gimmicks. I never ever believed in him and his ways in the first place.

He had made false claims that doing certain Yoga can "cure" diabetes, turn your grey hair black again.
I have gone on record to burst this myth.
You may rub your nails against each other all your life and still your grey hair will remain grey. (Unlike what he preaches that doing this 15 minutes a day, will turn them black). But, I can assure you that 15 minutes of good hair color/dye, will change the color of your hair, to your desired color.

No amount of Kapalbhati will ever "cure" diabetes. Yoga can prevent, can keep your insulin levels in check. But if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, yoga cannot cure it completely.

Yes, Ramdev did promote Yoga. But so did many others. Also he misled quite a number of people by exaggerating the benefits of yoga. He almost made Yoga like Rajnikanth- cure for every possible thing, including AIDES. One look at his distorted shape is an evidence enough that yoga cannot cure everything.

He himself himself has so much black money. What is he talking about? Corruption and black money.
How does this man has a private island, assets worth hundreds of crores. Yeah, he will say through donation.
High time that the world knows about his PR agency which made him a Baba. He is no Guru.
Anyone can become a Baba or Maa like that and start preaching.
Actually no. I can't. Because, I love my life, my socializing, my dancing, my fashionable clothes and also I cannot over exaggerate the effects of yoga.

People have asked my take on my Guru Sri Sri RaviShankarji supporting Ramdev.
All I would say is, I do believe and would continue to believe in Him.
What He is doing and why He is doing, only He knows. (Unki leela wahi jaane).
He has equal love and compassion for everyone. 


  1. Kiran . i will follow your segment :D yay

  2. Kiran,

    Congratulations on your TV show. Does NDTV broadcast in the USA too? I personally do not have NDTV channel though.

    About Baba Ramdev, I completely agree with you. I am amazed by his followers. Sometimes I think I should leave Engineering, keep long hair, wear yellow or white and start simplifying vedas or read some clips from internet (your blog) and telling them to starving and guilty public...I will be overnight success. :)))

  3. congrats for getting into ndtv. now more people will benefit from you.
    As regards the other one,Populism vs popularity, populism always slips & slips miserably

  4. Congratulations, for the TV Show. Just great. Will try to see it, but might not be possible.

    About Ramdev, I agree with you. The hair color dye was a good one.he he.

    Love for life, socializing, dancing, fashionable clothes,spirituality, meditation and other things go hand in hand and put a BALANCE in life which is so very important.

    About Guruji supporting Ramdev. I don't think he's actually SUPPORTING him, as we understand the literal meaning of supporting. It's just that Ramdev required help and Guruji felt he could help him as a fellow human being - so he did. Nothing more in it.That's my take.
    Someday I might write about spirituality and my experiments, experiences, beliefs, the Buddha awakening...

  5. On TV, way to go girl. Will surely try to catch your show tomorrow. Ramdev Baba did exaggerated quite a bit about Yoga, i have to say amen to waht you have written here.

  6. Congratulations lovely lady! Gosh.. you are a super woman! achievements after achievements!

    Will try to catch your show... pukka. I also watched your vidoes on youtube. You look as beautiful as you seem to be :)

  7. I will catch up your prog. on NDTV, that's really good news. I would see you in my living room:)

  8. I completely agree with you...I was never a fan of baba ramdev and to me ...exercise can keep any levels in control a its nothing mysterious ...I am surprised by this guy and his fan following and how much money he has....
    people blindly follow him ..
    Yoga was always good for health ,I have been seeing this on tv when I was kid ..I dunno why people make God or gurus so easily ..
    and kiran Congrats for your Show on NDTV ..I will try to see on net..it will be good if you can paste a link here,
    cheers keep up the good work!

  9. congratulations!

    wow, you're famous


  10. Hey _ just saw this! wow _ looking forward to watching you tomorrow morning :)

  11. Hey _ just saw this! wow _ looking forward to watching you tomorrow morning :)

  12. Hey _ just saw this! wow _ looking forward to watching you tomorrow morning :)

  13. Hey _ just saw this! wow _ looking forward to watching you tomorrow morning :)