01 June, 2011

World's most expensive shoes

"Made from solid gold and 2200 diamonds, these shoes don’t mess around when they vie for the title of the most expensive shoes ever. The 2200 diamonds totalling to 30 carats are all personally selected highly polished diamonds.
Designed by British jewellery designer Christopher Michael Shellis, the shoes may just be a tad too expensive for even those with deep pockets at 228,000$ since not a single pair has been sold despite being on display since 5 months.
The shoes took nearly three years to design since neither gold nor diamonds are great materials for shoe making. But those are the only ingredients used in this footwear. Temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Celsius are required to put together these shoes in the perfect form."
Wonder if walking on gold feels better than walking on air?


  1. Wowww they look gorgeous <3 <3 Thanks for sharing Kiran!!!

  2. waw very expensive. but very beautiful too! If I could...
    very nice post!

  3. wow...they r amazing...who would want to wear it???

  4. Holy smokes!! They sure are beautiful though!!

  5. They are gorgeous but I think I would be afraid to wear them because I am so clumsy and I would probably break them "P

  6. woow.. they are gorgeous..

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  8. Ridiculously expensive but very beautiful.

  9. Again great craftsmanship.
    I liked that line - 'Walking on gold...

    If you can show me walking on air then I will surely give you an opportunity to walk on gold too..Deal....

  10. Hi! i just found your blog,
    Love your posts I think they are really interesting!.xx
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