27 July, 2011

Be in full control of your life.

After quite some time, I have views on life to share. But I do not preach. I do not judge. I do not say what is right or wrong. I will simply describe how I lead my life. I would not recommend that you also do, the way I do. You do what suits you the best.

My way is very independent, very "in control of my life". I am fiercely protective about my independence, about my ways. I do not interfere nor do I tolerate any kind of interference from anyone.
I like to be responsible for my own actions. I will give few examples here:

1. I do not drink alcohol. I party a lot where booze is free flowing. Yet, I do not drink because I want to be aware always as to what is happening around me. I would hate myself if I wake up next morning and have to ask someone as to what I was doing/saying last night. I want to be in control of my life.

2. I always prefer to drive myself. In fact, I am a very jittery co-passenger. I hate hiring a cab or sitting behind a chauffeur or being picked up and dropped. Because I consider myself a very safe driver with zero accident record. In fact, I have never ever even scratched my car or given an excuse that the other person hit me. Behind the steering wheel, I feel, I am in control of things.

3. I do not go to a beauty parlor for anything except getting my hair cut. Because, I think, I can do everything better than any beautician, for myself. From facials, to make up jobs, to Sari tying, to anything else, I know what I want and how I will do it better.

4. I plan my own diets and workouts. I do not think anyone else can do it better for me. It is my body and I know what it needs.

5. I did not hire any interior designer to do my house. It is my home and I knew what I needed and where. I have personally done it all up.

6. I like to maintain my own blog and website. Because I know the best as to what should be the content.

7. I do buy a lot of designer clothes but I also like to design my own clothes.

8. I have not hired any PR agency to do my promotion. Yet, I am all over the media. I am my best PR person. I do not think, any company can give me better results.

9. When it was raising the children (when they were young), I did have help but I always made sure that it was me, who primarily looked after them. I could not have depended on anyone else to do it for me.

10. Coming to last but not the least. To maintain this blog, there needed to be pictures of me being clicked on everyday basis. Now either, I could have depended on someone to do it on daily basis- spouse, children, friends, professional, etc. Not that they would not have helped. They would have. But fiercely independent person in me, was very uncomfortable with the idea. So I started self clicking and self editing. Yet, the results were not great. I was amateur. So, as I had intended to, I joined a professional photography course. And now, even if the results have not drastically improved, yet, I am more at ease with handling my professional camera. I have started playing around with aperture, shutter speed, ISO, various lens, outdoor shoots, lights etc.

My mom tells me that I was like this, even as a very small kid. I wanted to do my own things at a very early age. I wanted to eat on my own and not be spoon fed, sleep alone in my own tiny little room.  I was just 7-8 year old and I used to go to school by rickshaw, which came to pick me up and drop me. One day, after school, I told the rickshaw guy, not to come to pick me up from next morning. I just came back home and announced this to mom. When she asked me, how would I go to school? I told her, I would ride on my bike. I told her, I cant be dependent on that rickshaw and wait for him after getting dressed for school. From second standard onwards, I started to ride on my bike to school. And the school was not very near. It continued throughout my school time. Then I graduated to scooty and finally a car (at the age of 15). That was me- Miss independent.
Also at that young age (of 9-10 years), I wanted to earn my own pocket money and started doing TV shows as a child artist and being paid. I even started designing my own clothes.

Point is, I like to be in full control of my own life. Any kind of dependency- whether it is financial, emotional, etc, throws me off balance and I strive hard to be in control. Mind you, I never ever, even remotely control anyone else's life. But for my own self, you can call me- A Control Freak.

Lets see what I am wearing and where the inspiration is coming from

Tunic top (It is actually a dress)- Self designed
Jeans- Diesel
Pictures- as always- self clicked.


  1. Kiran,

    You are an awesome person. This post is better description what I wrote about you. You are an independent person.

    By the way, I don't drink, drive myself, maintain my own blow, take my own picture, try to control diet and exercise, never to to a beauty parlor except for haircut and drove my own bike to go to school. So many similarities....:)))))

  2. wow so inspiring. maa is proud of u. outfit is beautiful and self clicked pis are very natural.

  3. It's nice to be independent and in full control over yourself.
    I thought the pics were clicked by someone else...you have done a wonderful job.Keep it up!

  4. It's nice to be independent and in full control over yourself.
    I thought the pics were clicked by someone else...you have done a wonderful job.Keep it up!

  5. Wow, great post.
    A typical Virgo stamped all over it.
    1.Yes, I agree with you.
    2.That's a nice thing to do.
    3.Ha Ha. I like it.
    4.That's obvious.
    5.That's so nice. Can we see your house pics please.
    6.Yes, it's the right way.
    8.Yes, fully agreed.
    9.I like this one the most.Bessssssssst of all.

    Your mom must be very proud of you.
    Beautiful top and jeans.I liked the color and the design on top of the top.

  6. I am as independent as you are though I know I still have a lot to learn in life...

    I think what matters most is that you know what you want and you know how you get it in your own way...

  7. I love knowing more about my blogger friends and wow you are verry independent. I also hate being dependent on anybody except in the housework department which I am not too fond of

  8. Really proud to know you! This is the way to live one's life.

  9. You know, my family members always call me a control freak and claim that I am very independent. But after reading your post I have realised that compared to you I am not independent at all!

    - when it comes to alcohol I am the same as you, but I avoid it for health reasons also.
    - I WISH I could drive but I am petrified behind the wheel. I need to take more lessons. But I have to admit, I love being chauffeured. Haha.
    - I do a few beauty treatments at home but I feel very pampered when I go to the salon.
    - I do plan my own diets and workouts but they don't seem to 'work' for me (as I never lose weight :P) so maybe I need outside help!
    - I haven't decorated a house yet but I can't imagine anyone helping me except my mother.



  10. hey kiran, this post is so inspiring. it is good to see that we girls can be in control of our lives too. and that a little thick skin is required. I find your posts very insightful. Please do some posts on skincare too. I think they will be very helpful!!
    Love. :p