25 July, 2011

Bidding Adieu

I wore this on the last day with my sister and nephew.
Yes, they left now.
We saw Zindagi Milegi na Dubaara, together. And we had a great time. Shopped, saw movie, ate out together, danced, she gave me her class of bollywood dancing, chatted at night and finally it was time.
I miss you sis and little one.
I am wearing a dress from my own export line from last year's collection. I can never showcase my latest collection for obvious reasons.


  1. You can start planning your trip to West Coast now :)))

  2. Me first..yahoo...
    I too saw ZNMD.Its a good movie. Nice background with the red cloth tied on the metallic skull.
    Beautiful geometrical repeated figures on the dress of just about the right sizes - neither too small that they miss view eye nor too big that they look tacky - just perfect, like you.
    Awww..you face is saying it all dear. You are trying to smile but your heart it sad. Goodbyes are very difficult for me too.
    My normal reaction to that is pour myself in work. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

  3. loving your beautiful dress! the print is gorgeous and the colors are so beautiful. :)

  4. Sister has left and you miss her a lot.I am sure you had a gala of time with her.

  5. I hate farewells...you must be missing them a lot.

  6. You look wonderful as always!

  7. You do look pretty with that dress :)

    Kisses from www.bpeinternational.blogspot.com


  8. looking good kiran... its looking nice .colors and print both..
    these dresses are very comfy for summers plus it helps to catch lot of sunshine as we live in plce where summer is for very short period and lack of vitamin D is major issue.

  9. Awww :( you must be sad that they have left! But it sounds like you had an awesome time with them!