29 July, 2011

Closing the comments

My dear blog friends.
Some of you have been very regular on this blog and have been commenting on every post.
I truly value your comments and even look forward to them. I would continue my association with you always. You will always find me on your blog.
But for me, it becomes difficult to visit multiple blogs every day, read them and leave a genuine comment.
I believe in reciprocating. When a blogger leaves a most superficial comment like "nice pics", I still feel compelled to visit that person's blog and leave a comment. But for me to visit 40-50 blogs a day is absolutely impossible.
So from now on, I am closing my comment section.
Any one of you, wanting to reach me, can still do that anytime and always by emailing me and letting me know of your comment on my email
I will try to reply to you promptly.
I blog for myself. It is my self expression.
If I am obliged to visit the bloggers, who have commented on my blog, it kills the joy of blogging for me.
This way, I am breaking myself free from feeling obliged to comment.
Let me say again- my old blogger friends- I do value you. I am not breaking any associations. In fact, I am creating stronger bonds. I hope you all understand.
Also I have removed the followers list on the side. I am through with the numbers game. There is a "follow" button on the top of every blog. People wishing to follow, the blog can do so by clicking on that button. I do not want to flaunt the number of followers anymore. Nor get entangled in the number game any more.
You know how liberated am I feeling in doing so- it is like standing on a cliff and taking out mobile and throwing it in the sea. You know what I mean?
From now on, I blog because of love of blogging.