19 July, 2011

Getting ready to get into routine

Past one month, I have been busy traveling. My apologies to all my dear, fellow bloggers, whom I have not visited regularly. I am also thankful to all of you who have been regularly visiting me and leaving your comments and emails. My yearly break is almost coming to an end. I shall be resuming work soon and will be slowly getting back to my routine (hectic routine- but with time for regular blogging and blog hopping).

Here is what I am wearing:
Dress: Borrowed from sister
Heels: Charles and Keith
Watch: Rado
Bag: My own creation. I have given more details in my previous post here.
Bracelet: From my own export line
Pendant: Movado: Borrowed from sister- It has moving diamonds.


  1. Liked the pendant with moving diamonds.

  2. Liked the pendant with moving diamonds.

  3. That dress is so pretty! It's so nice that you can borrow things from your sister. I guess I am the same way with my mother :).


  4. Beautiful dress, beautiful heels, beautiful watch, beautiful bracelet, beautiful bag, beautiful smile and Super beautiful Kiran...

  5. Same with me. I am trying to get back to routing. Still jet lagged though and hardly able to keep awake.

  6. Wow, Wow, loved the bag and the dress.