21 July, 2011

Green with envy

Behold these gorgeous beauties.
My sister recently got them for me.
These are Comme Il Faut

My nephew also tried them before getting them for Massi (that is me).

My dress: La Kaira

Some similarities...of colors and styles


  1. I am green with envy want those shoes!!!!

  2. Beautiful beauties and gorgeous dress..go green go green go green...
    but pink shoes don't go well with green dress..black's better

  3. lovely dress AND shoes!
    yep green wid envy

  4. arre..isme to Ariv ki bhi daal do..in these heels..:)love these shoes

  5. Oh I notice the fine satin balck ties now:) Great job! And I actually think these sandals look great with the green dress. Wearing black would be normal, this stands out! and I like how you paired it!