13 July, 2011

My creation

This dress of mine is years old. I wore it a lot and it faded and looked worn out and old.

So I revamped it by getting it dyed. It looked fresh and new. This is how I wore it as.
The bag below is my creation and I export it.
Heels: Coach

Photography credit: My sister dear. 
Oh! we are having such super time together these days. 
Why does she stay so far from me? We should stay in the same city. Life would be so much better, so much fun, then.


  1. Cute! I love the fuschia, gave it a whole new feel!

  2. wow...your bag is beautiful! It's unique!

    Fashion Cat

  3. wow! the bright pink color has brought out the dress so well....wondering, why it was the lighter pink shade in the first place!! :)

    Smart idea of getting it dyed...i will use it too..!

  4. Also, post some more pics of d bag, wish to see it closely...looks interesting...

  5. nice..very fresh pictures...
    the bag is super cute....
    gimme details of its price and fabric

  6. What a cute and fun bag. You must really love your dress to have it redyed - but then I also have a few pieces I couldn't part with.

  7. Very lovely outfit, you look beautiful in pink! :)

    Im sorry to hear that your sister lives far away from you, i wouldn't stand to live far away from my sister. We're very close.. there's no love like sister love!

    xo Dalia

  8. Yes, first two look old and worn out.
    New one's looks so beautiful..
    I love the bag - the design, the color combinations, the handle on top combine together to form a stylish, fabulous whole - something like Japanese feel...
    Nice to know that you are spending time and having great fun with your sister...that's the way..keep it up.

  9. Can't believe it is the same dress...infact it looks better now.
    Liked the bags too.
    Your sister resembles you a lot....

  10. That dress looks so pretty and brand new! Lovely photos with you and your sister :) You both have the same youthful glowing skin.


  11. the 2 of u look lovely together... like best friends! and the facial similarities are there too :)

    i loved the ombre dyeing... very pretty dress... and the bag... its ooooh!

  12. oh,thanks sweety,I didn't know :)

  13. I will definetly dye some older things I have. Your dress came out fantastic! Love that bag too and you made it? Excellent!

  14. It is lookin fab after the dye..
    and bag u carried was just WOW !!!

  15. getting it dyed has yielded good results and You and your sis. photos awesome.

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