18 August, 2011

Choose to ignore the numbers

I get my routine medical check ups, done every once in a while. (I like to). Few years back, during one of such check ups, the doctor told me that I had very very low BP. So low that I needed to be hospitalized.
I was surprised. I had driven myself for this check up. Was feeling fit and fine and here was a doctor who was telling me that I needed to be hospitalized.
My sister is a doctor. I called her up and told her everything. I also told her that if someone asked me at that time as to how I was feeling, I felt very hale and hearty. That is when she told me, "you know high BP is a disease. Low BP is not a disease. We rarely give any medication for low BP. If you are feeling fine, then choose to ignore the numbers".

That day I learnt a lesson of a lifetime- Choose to ignore the numbers.

I have diligently chosen to ignore many such insignificant numbers.

Stat counter of my blog.
Number of followers on my blog.
Number of comments on my blog.
My age.
My weight.

And many such numbers. Life is much simpler without being bogged down by such numbers. After all they are just numbers. Once you break these shackles, you will be so free.