01 August, 2011

Slutwalk in Delhi

Yesterday, Delhi witnessed its first "slutwalk." A walk which demanded gender equality, aimed at breaking away from the bondages of stereotypical mindset of blaming the women/victim of dressing up "inappropriately," "provocatively," etc.
There were many interesting banners and placards that were seen there. Some of them read as follows:

Nazar teri buri, Burkha main pehnu? (Why should I wear a Burkha because you look at me with bad intentions)

Believe it or not, my short skirt has nothing to do with you.

Ladki tere baap ki jaagir nahin hai. (Girl is not your father's property)

Stop Staring. This is not an invitation to rape me.

My dress is not yes.

If you are shameless then so am I.

Give freedom not feardom.

I like the whole concept. Few people are criticizing it. There are people (read people with rubbish mentality), who say, "girls should dress up appropriately" "They should not invite trouble". "This is against our culture". "Girls look nicer when they are covered up. Else it is not the fault of eve teasers, who make a pass at them". "Girls should be back home at decent hours". "Your security is in your own hands".

It is high time that the so called "society"/men are sensitized. We need to be more aware about issues like eve teasing, girls being stared at inappropriately, rape, sexual harassment, sexual abuse.

Slutwalk- Besharmi Morcha aimed to do this.

It is a slap on the face of those men, who rape women or sexually harass her by just looking at her. And women/ their family/friends believe that it is their fault. Because, she wore short dress, it gave man the right to stare at her and make her so uncomfortable.