03 September, 2011

Are Dals proteins or carbs?

While on weight loss, my clients are advised not to have dals (lentils). They are surprised and the first question I get is, "Oh I thought dals are proteins"? 

Look up these items on some place like wikipedia.
For example 100 g of uncooked lentils contain
60g of carbohydrates (including sugars and dietary fiber),
and 26g of protein.
So you shouldn't think of legumes as protein, but as being higher in protein than most other vegetable sources such as grains. They still contain a lot of carbohydrates. 
The fact that they have a higher % of protein and fiber does not negate their starch content.
A cup of boiled (as opposed to dried) lentils has the following food value.
230 calories
137.9 grams of water
17.9 grams of protein
40 grams of carbohydrate
0 grams sugar
15.6 grams of dietary fiber
0.8 gram fat
0.1 gram saturated fat
0.1 gram mono saturated fatty acid
0.3 gram polyunsaturated fatty acid
No gram cholesterol