29 October, 2011

Express yourself.

People these days are ashamed to accept/voice out their feelings. They cannot say "I love you" if they are not too sure that the other person will also reciprocate or respond. They will rather hold back their feelings for the fear of being mocked at.

Simple expressions as follows are not given tongue.

"I am hurt"
"I want to be with you, spend time with you"
"I dislike you"
"you smell bad"
"I miss you"
"I dreamt of you"
"I can't stand you"
"I do not want to see you again"
"I can't live without you"
"I need you"
"You are bugging me/irritating me"

Why hold back? Is it fear of rejection? What will the other person think? You don't want to portray yourself as too weak. Or maybe you do not want to hurt the other person. You want to show that you are too strong, independent, etc. You are a girl and hence, not expected to make the first move. You are a man and cannot show your weakness.

Strength is in overcoming fears. Strength is, when you do not bother what the other person will think about you and are able to do what you want to do. Strength is in expressing yourself.

If you are hurt, voice it. Instead of lying low and bearing insult, say to the other person that your so and so actions and words did hurt me.
If you are in love, instead of acting coy and waiting for the other person to profess it, make the first move. At the most what will happen? Your love might be rejected. But you will get clarity in head and you would have voiced it. I know of a person who kept waiting for the other person to say the magic words first. Till one day, the news came of the other person's accidental death. So now, there was a regret of not making the first move. Life is too short.

Some people even think and believe that actions speak louder than words. Hence, they do not need to say, "I love you" or for that matter "I hate you". I think you need to say it and not take it for granted that it is "obviously understood".

Communicate and verbalize. Do not suppress and withhold your feelings, desires and needs.
It may help you to build few strong bonds or probably break the shackles of some unwanted bondages. But either way, you will be free and ready to fly.