09 November, 2011

Deep Tango embrace

This was the workshop I took with Hiroshi and Kyoko about deep Tango embrace.
This has been my problem with most men (leaders) in Tango. They have taken the concept of RESISTANCE too seriously. So much so that, they start pulling and pushing and hurting woman's (follower) right shoulder. I have told many people that they are not supposed to fight on the Tango floor.
This workshop opened new doors for me. I felt as light as air and was gliding. The embrace became so light and easy. There were few exercises done, one after the other, which helped you to move in such perfect sync that you could hear and feel each other's heart beats and moved in sync with the music. The feeling was of perfect meditation and bliss.
Both the partners held their own weight. Not an ounce was on the other one. Stomach and hips away from each other. The follower moves backward but her spirit is still forward. The leader, led her so effortlessly and without RESISTANCE and fight. He did not manoeuvre her ruthlessly and the follower went on cloud nine. 
It makes a difference to learn from such great teachers. 
People just claim to watch pictures and videos and become self proclaimed tango instructors. Only after learning from such maestros, I got the concepts so nice, easy and clear.