11 November, 2011

Girlie Coffee Time

Today was a coffee time with my girls- It is called Diamond girls. (Not because we wear many diamonds. But because we radiate like ones). My Diamond girls are Rockstars.

I could not put pictures of my past 2 lunches. Day before was in Shalom and yesterday was in Hilton, India Grill. Both the group of girls were camera shy. So I had to restrain myself.

 We met for a short while in Costa, close to a place where I stay.

Oh! I recently started having coffee. Never had it all these years. And yes, that clumsiest cup, with a lipstick mark on it, has to be mine. 

What I am wearing
Tunic and trousers- Self Designed
Hoops and hair band- Anita Dongre
Shoes- Clarks.

 In the picture above, you do recognize yours truly. And know all about her.
In the centre is "Mads"(as we call her). She is a Wedding/event planner. True Rockstar.