29 November, 2011

iPhone 4S in India

Biting the first apple resulted in the fall of man. Man has always fallen prey to his own greed. Why not with this new gadget then?
Yesterday, I bought iPhone 4S (Hey! actually, it is gift from my husband on our 20th Anniversary).  It was officially launched in India on 25th Nov. There was adrenaline rushing through my veins when I first touched it. I am simply not a Blackberry person. Just cannot use it. 
Yes, the price in India is exorbitantly expensive. The 16 GB model is being sold for Rs. 44,500. The 32 GB and 64 GB are priced at Rs. 50,900 and Rs. 57,500 respectively.The smartphone is more expensive in India than anywhere else in the world. However, a true Apple fan will do whatever it takes to be a member of the Apple family. The price quoted for the Indian market is not an advisable buy. However, an Apple freak would be an Apple freak!

The iPhone-4S is voice-activated, but certainly not for the kind of English that is spoken in India. The much-hyped iPhone’s voice-activated personal assistant, enabled by Siri software, can identify only the British, American and Australian accents.
I know I could have got it cheaper from the US or Singapore, but I needed an Indian warranty on my device.
Devices bought internationally do not carry an international warranty and then they need to be repaired in grey markets. 
Besides, later I like to update my software.

But low prices, in any case, have never been Apple’s selling point.
The company has never fought to dominate the masses in India.

The gadget is more expensive than the iPad 2 in India, with the base model of the tablet selling for 27,900 rupees. Even its top-end model, with 64 GB of memory and WiFi & 3G, costs 46,900 rupees.
The new iPhone comes with a faster processor-iOS 5, a better light-sensitive, 8 MP camera and optics, and voice-activated software "Siri", iCloud, Dual core chip.
I am very happy with my new purchase. If the price is not a constraint, I would say, go for it.