20 November, 2011

Lazy Sunday, Lounging

It was a hectic week. Work, socializing, partying, sleeping less, etc etc. Similar situation seems to be ahead coming week too. So today, on Sunday, I decided to take it easy. Chilling at home, resting, reading, (yes dancing a bit and a bit of socializing too). But for the majority of the day, I was taking it easy.

I have so far never featured "at home" clothes. So decided why not. Specially because I liked my set of clothes. I liked myself sans makeup (contended look on my face of a woman who is so happy, full, complete, and loved- touchwood).

While shopping in Tokyo, I was hunting for something which was not over the top expensive, yet not cheap cheap (you know what I mean). A Japanese woman referred me to this store, Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a new style Japanese firm producing good casual clothes for all to wear. Check their website here.
I shopped so much from this store- for myself, my sister, my boys, my nephew (could not have shopped for my husband from here. Unlike us, he is ALWAYS in high end brands, top to toe. We are little more chilled out).

Anyways, Uniqlo has come out with some special Heattech's Japan technology. So the fabric like the one I am wearing- Fleece, is just so soft, warm, thin and light. It can be worn daily in cold weather. You can read about Heattech here.

For a person like me, who hates winters (rather who freezes in Delhi winters), this was a boon. I bought so many of these. And I think I am ready to brave winters this season (I am well equipped you see).