08 November, 2011

My brother in Tokyo

This is my brother (cousin- but we grew up together), who stays in Tokyo. He is a very successful investment banker. We are just a year apart. But he looks so different. In fact, everyone told us (rather him) that we do not look siblings. They told him that his sister looked so much better. And this really pissed him.
This was the night of pub hopping.

It started with a dinner in a restaurant.

Drinks in Intercontinental.

After this we went to another pub named Motown in Ropoongi, where he was acting such protective brother. Telling me-Don't talk to anyone. And to everyone, who dared come near, he would say without any prelude- Hey dude, stay away. She is my sister. It was so funny.

Then to the next pub, named Mogambo. He bought drinks for everyone there, in my honor. And anyone who does that, their picture is taken and placed there forever. So below is my picture, which is placed there forever now.

After this we went to another pub, named The Beach. And then we were hungry again Because it was breakfast time. So we had breakfast and came back and crashed.