14 November, 2011

Passion, Profession, Hobby

Do you know the difference between passion, profession and hobby? Do you have clearly demarcated place for all three in your life? Do you mix these?
Let me give you my example.
I am qualified in the field of fitness and fashion. Besides that also qualified to fly.
I pursued my career in the field of fashion and fitness.
Blogging is my hobby. An off shoot to that is photography. (Yes, blogging does bring revenue. Still it is not a profession). I have invested in good professional camera and its accessories. But still I do not like being acknowledged as professional photographer. It is and will always remain a hobby.
Dancing is a passion. I invest a lot in it- A LOT. From taking private classes from great teachers to investing in dance shoes and attires. I get offers to teach on everyday basis. There are people who ask me if I teach dance professionally. And then they ask why I don't. I do not. Simply because I do not want to take away my joy of dancing by starting to teach. I can, if I wish to. But I want to keep dancing as my passion and not make it my profession. It can be great offshoot to my fitness. It can compliment it so well. In fact, I do dancercise as part of my fitness regime. But I do not teach a form of dancing per say. 
Then I have many more interests in my life. 
Think about your passions, profession, hobbies and interests.