25 November, 2011

The show must/must not go on

Have you heard people say, "Life must go on". "The show must go on"?
What does this imply? What should it imply?
Lets evaluate in different situations.

A dear one dies. Yes, your near and dear ones do coax you to live and carry on with the business of life and rightfully say, "Life must go on". They say this because the dear one is not coming back. There is no hope.

Second situation. You and your friend are preparing for a dance concert. Rehearsing to participate in it. Unfortunately, your friend meets with an accident. Lets say, a broken bone or something. Not something which is irreparable. You know that after few weeks, your friend will be OK and will be with you again. Should the show go on? Should you in this situation dump your friend in the name of, "The show must go on" or show solidarity with your friend and rather wait for the recovery. The shows will come and go. Should you leave your friend all by himself/herself, enjoy the dance concert? Hell No. Be human. Rather, a good human. Stop thinking just about your own convenience. Stop being a fair weather friend who is there to just party with a friend and when the friend is going through tough times, you say that the "life must go on".